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New models, some with carbon and some with weird midsoles, but they are always there. The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 is back to be once again one of the best training shoes, and it’s back with a really significant change that we haven’t seen for several versions.

Prepared for a medium weight runner, who is now looking for better sensations with the new foam and a shoe that is still focused on daily training but also suitable for more intense days.

With the Pegasus 36 we ran the Madrid marathon, and it seems that with these 37 everything will follow the same course. A model that can offer you just what you need to run long distances either in competition or in long training sessions.

How many kilometers will Pegasus 38 last?

can be used up to 1,200 or 1,300 km, as they are usually stiffer.

How much do the Nike Pegasus weigh?

With attractive designs and a weight that does not exceed 300 grams, these Pegasus 37 have a very consistent sole. The characteristic waffles on the outsole are maintained to offer what the runner expects in terms of traction and wear from a Pegasus.

  Adidas solar glide

How much do the Pegasus 38 weigh?

260 grams for the male version and 252 grams for the female version.

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Some of these factors are the habits of each runner. That is, the way they run, the type of terrain they run on, the temperature of the places they run, the miles they run in that shoe. All these situations contribute to the wear and tear that the shoe will undergo. But what people often forget is that the rate at which running shoes degrade can also be greatly affected when they are used for activities other than running, such as shopping, going to work, walking the dog or grocery shopping, all of which add to the wear and tear.

This is confirmed by Sika Henry, an American triathlete. The athlete has seen good results by opting for shoes with sturdier midsoles. “I find that shoes with thick soles last a lot longer than those that are lighter and with less drop,” he says. “And I usually run 50 to 60 kilometers a week.” Or in other words, a runner’s average weekly mileage greatly influences how long a pair of shoes will last.

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Adidas SolarGlide 6 Unboxing & Detailed Looks

I bought the pegasus trail 3, and I wish they had the pegasus 38 the cushioning in the heel half alone leaves much to be desired, these shoes, should make the following pegasus with the quality and comfort of the sole of the Trail 3 for asphalt clear, in my opinion hurts the heel, squeezed in the front unless you take it very loose and that I bought the extra wide inseam, greetings and thank you.

It seems that the model evolves little with respect to the 37. But it does not need too much because it goes very well in almost all aspects: For runners up to 80kg, all kinds of distances, quite comfortable, fast and with good cushioning.

  Solar glide 3

Good morning I would like to recommend me some running shoes for women, to run on asphalt and road parcelaria, about 55kg, 168 height, a use of about two or three days a week, every day between 10-15km, pronator tread. So far with the shoes I’ve tried I’ve had a lot of problems in my feet, with pain in the bunion bone (although I don’t have a bunion).

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