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From sensors that digitize physical phenomena, to data collectors and gateways, continuing with the transmission, ingestion and processing of big data to generate information and knowledge, and improve efficiency and revenue.

The technologies associated with IoT (Big Data, APIs, Cloud and Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence, etc.), enable communication between the real and virtual worlds, and help companies to optimize their processes and improve the security of their assets, with the use and exploitation of data collected from devices connected to each other (M2M) and to the cloud. Our IoT experts can guide you in leveraging these technologies.

OpenGate provides you with a whole set of elements so that nothing can go wrong: a large, expert and up-to-date technical team, a set of services for the entire construction cycle, a set of partners, and above all, a platform adapted to your business model.

OpenGate uses the “datamodel” concept, as an ultra-flexible and configurable element to adapt, from the administration console, the physical and logical parameters of IoT to the corporate information model of the business, facilitating its interpretation and homogenization.

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We start with a detailed analysis of your company’s facilities in order to make a recommendation on the most suitable charging points for your needs, advising you on what type of equipment and installation are most convenient. We have a wide variety of charging equipment to meet any need.

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We take care of everything necessary for the implementation and management of charging points in your facilities: from installation or maintenance to the management of possible aid. So that you only have to worry about what is really important, your business.

Our entire infrastructure is equipped with connectivity to our system, which allows us to offer leading software services in the market through our Juice Pass app and our Juice Net Manager portal.

Endesa X and Jaguar Land Rover have joined forces to promote the use of zero-emission electric vehicles, thus helping to boost electric mobility, which has emerged as the great alternative for decarbonization.


We are an asset management and consulting firm specialized in the integrated management of renewable energy projects. Because no two projects and no two clients are alike, we work on customized solutions that maximize each investment.

We believe that technology needs people to connect. That’s why we like to say that behind each of our technical reports there is an engineer who vouches for it. We combine talent and technology.

  Diferencia entre energia solar y energia radiante

Involved in the renewable energy sector since its inception, we have the motivation, experience and track record to get the most out of your assets. We are committed to your investment.

We know the potential of renewable energy to change the world and we know that its future depends on its profitability and risk control. We work with rigor and independence. We want to drive the energy transition.

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ETREPOW 3000 watt/6000 watt pure sine wave power inverter, 12V DC to 110V/120V AC, wireless power converter with off-grid remote control for outdoor, home, camping, RV, truck, car

Renogy 3000 Watt, 12V DC to 120V AC pure sine wave inverter for home, RV, truck, 12V to 110V off-grid solar power inverter with integrated 5V/2.1A USB port, AC cable port and remote control

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This item ETREPOW 3000 watt/6000 watt pure sine wave power inverter, 12V DC to 110V/120V AC, wireless power converter with off-grid remote control for outdoor, home, camping, camper, car, truck, car

4000 W DC 12 V to AC 110 V 120 V pure sine wave power inverters with C-type port, 4 AC outlets, dual USB ports, AC terminal blocks, LCD display, wireless remote control for home, RV, car solar system

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